Sculptra Aesthetic – Youthful Skin Starts Within

Sculptra is an FDA-approved synthetic injectable used to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds. It is also a collagen stimulator that helps revitalize your body’s own collagen production. Sculptra is often called “the 401K for your face” due to its long-term benefits to skin, and the effects can last up to two years. It is typically administered in 3 treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart and the results appear gradually over time, working with the body to restore the skin’s inner structure and achieve a full facial rejuvenation.

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Sculptra Aesthetic Before & After Photos

Elisa Before Sculptra Treatment

Before Treatment

Elisa After Sculptra Treatment

After Treatment

Vivienne Before Sculptra

Before Treatment

Vivienne After Sculptra Treatment

After Treatment

How does Sculptra Work?

Sculptra is made from a synthetic, biocompatible sugar called poly-L-lactic acid. Unlike other dermal fillers, Sculptra revitalizes the body’s natural collagen production, which decreases from the aging process. Collagen production results in thicker, fuller, and stronger skin, ultimately enhancing the overall skin’a appearance.

How is Sculptra Performed?

Sculptra is injected below the surface of the skin using a very fine needle, in the area of fat loss, providing a gradual increase in skin thickness. After your treatment it may appear that Sculptra worked immediately because of swelling from the injections and the water used to dilute Sculptra. In a few days, the swelling goes down and the water is absorbed by your body. Sculptra takes time to gradually correct the depression in your skin. It works by increasing the thickness of the skin and fill in what has been lost.

When will I see results?

Results are gradual, depending on the type of results desired and the severity of the problem. Over time, the appearance is dramatically altered after multiple treatments. Once the desired look is achieved, this semi-permanent treatment lasts up to two years, but could require minor touch-ups.

Will I experience any side effects?

As with most injections, side effects, though minimal, could possibly occur. The most common are redness, swelling, bruising and pain around the treated area. Using ice packs immediately following treatment can minimize these effects.