Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella is one of the latest FDA approved injectable lip augmentation solutions. This specially formulated dermal filler is transforming the way in which we enhance our lips. From the Juvederm family of products, Juvederm Volbella is designed to add fullness to the lips, improve lip symmetry, and reduce the signs of aging around the mouth.

With its smooth gel-like consistency, Juvederm Volbella can also effectively contour the lips to transform their shape and overall appearance. Featuring a patented form of hyaluronic acid, a sugar that occurs naturally in the body, Juvederm Volbella also utilizes Vycross technology for a long lasting and more natural results. A versatile and effective injectable, this filler also contains a small amount of lidocaine to minimize the discomforts sometimes associated with treatment.

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Juvederm Volbella Before & After Photos

Juvederm Volbella Before & After PhotosJuvederm Volbella Before & After Photos

What is Juvederm Volbella?

Volbella is a gel made up of VYCROSS®, a customized lighter blend of hyaluronic acids, a natural substance found in our bodies, proven to last up to one year in clinical studies in most patients. This gel is smoother than other dermal fillers making your lips feel soft and look natural.

What to Expect During My Volbella Treatment?

The typical Juvederm Volbella treatment takes around 30 minutes. This is a safe, effective outpatient procedure, so little to no social downtime is needed. Some patients may have bruising and swelling in the treated area but they can be easily covered with makeup.

Before this treatment is performed, our Aesthetic Injection Specialist will begin by cleaning and prep the treatment area. Since Juvederm Volbella contains small amounts of lidocaine, and the needle is very fine, discomfort is minimal. Most patient report only feeling a small pinch during treatment. After the injections are done, the treated area is gently massaged to ensure smoothness of the product placement.

What to Expect After My treatment?

Patients will see immediate results posts treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles will be filled, and lips will appear fuller. Patients may also experience some swelling, bruising, mild redness and tenderness at the injection sites. Our provider will determine which course of post care is best for you, as well as, recommend a follow up visit to assess the treated area.

How Long Will My Results Last?

With Juvederm Volbella, results are almost immediate and last up to a full year. Your full results will be more noticeable after a few weeks when swelling has subsided.